Monday, May 29, 2017

No Doctrinal Triage In Paul's Commands To Uphold All Doctrine and It's Practice Without Partiality Or Bias

There is no triaging of doctrine in this epistle. Doctrinal triage will triage obedience (sanctification) which is another way of justifying the sin of disobedience (which itself is the sin of unbelief) because according to  Scripture, doctrine and godliness are inseparable to each other:

1Ti 6:3  If anyone advocates a different doctrine and does not agree with sound words, those of our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the doctrine conforming to godliness,

Paul warns about holding to sound doctrine and practice, commanding Timothy to fight for all sound doctrine. Nowhere is there any categorizing doctrine by false humanistic philosophies of primary, secondary, and tertiary doctrines.

1Ti 1:3  As I urged you upon my departure for Macedonia, remain on at Ephesus so that you may instruct certain men not to teach strange doctrines, 
1Ti 1:4  nor to pay attention to myths and endless genealogies, which give rise to mere speculation rather than furthering the administration of God which is by faith.

1Ti 1:18  This command I entrust to you, Timothy, my son, in accordance with the prophecies previously made concerning you, that by them you fight the good fight, 
1Ti 1:19  keeping faith and a good conscience, which some have rejected and suffered shipwreck in regard to their faith. 

1Ti 4:6  In pointing out these things to the brethren, you will be a good servant of Christ Jesus, constantly nourished on the words of the faith and of the sound doctrine which you have been following. 

1Ti 4:11  Prescribe and teach these things

1Ti 4:13  Until I come, give attention to the public reading of Scripture, to exhortation and teaching

1Ti 4:16  Pay close attention to yourself and to your teaching; persevere in these things, for as you do this you will ensure salvation both for yourself and for those who hear you. 

1Ti 5:21  I solemnly charge you in the presence of God and of Christ Jesus and of His chosen angels, to maintain these principles without bias, doing nothing in a spirit of partiality. 

1Ti 6:1  All who are under the yoke as slaves are to regard their own masters as worthy of all honor so that the name of God and our doctrine will not be spoken against. 

1Ti 6:2  Those who have believers as their masters must not be disrespectful to them because they are brethren, but must serve them all the more, because those who partake of the benefit are believers and beloved. Teach and preach these principles

1Ti 6:12  Fight the good fight of faith; take hold of the eternal life to which you were called, and you made the good confession in the presence of many witnesses. 
1Ti 6:13  I charge you in the presence of God, who gives life to all things, and of Christ Jesus, who testified the good confession before Pontius Pilate, 
1Ti 6:14  that you keep the commandment without stain or reproach until the appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ, 

1Ti 6:20  O Timothy, guard what has been entrusted to you, avoiding worldly and empty chatter and the opposing arguments of what is falsely called "knowledge"-
1Ti 6:21  which some have professed and thus gone astray from the faith. Grace be with you. 

Friday, May 26, 2017

Os Guinness

According to the "Christian" Post:

"The Church in America is at the "low ebb" of society when it comes to its overall impact on today's culture and is in need of "reformation" so that it can once again be the "salt" and "light" that Jesus called it to be, evangelical author and social critic Os Guinness said."

Os Guinness is an Anglican. The Anglican church is unbiblical both in foundation (founded on sexual immorality by King George VIII) and in doctrine (works righteousness, the Apocrypha).

Guinness of course, gets into Covenantalism and tries to apply it to America, which is wholly wrong (that's another post for another day). 

While he's rebuking America's churches for not being influential enough--and their need for reformer, his own church is liberal. It has women in leaders and is Charismatic. This is highly hypocritical.

A look at his church, The Falls Church Anglican

In addition, as of of today, their process for ordination in their Mid-Atlantic diocese does not require the person to be male. Scripture, however, repeatedly makes it clear that only men are to be leaders within the church. I deal with women in leadership here.

Friday, May 19, 2017

On John Piper's "Sacred Schizophrenia"

Piper is doing the usual 'brilliant' contextualization of scripture. He found something he could use and I believe he got it from here.
Piper is a fake. He is inventing new terms for what is already sufficient and explained perfectly in God's Word. Add those up and you have a man who does not believe in the sufficiency of scripture and uses his own means to pervert it and tickle ears. Also what is horrid is that in his talk at Boyce there was not one mention of our great Savior, no mention of our sin (which IS our old man/nature/Adam), and no peace and joy in the reality that IN Christ we are JUSTIFIED. (new man/new nature/new Adam). In Piper we have an agonized Christianity where we strive and strive for Piper's nirvana of "christian hedonism" where "normal man", per Piper's ranting, will never achieve it, which makes it works. He then creates a Sacred Schizophrenia that no man on earth can attain, yet toward the end of his talk, he speaks of what glory it will be to be with in eternity. (note: no talk of Jesus). It is not only psychological but 1960 hippie-ish language demeaning the redeemed listener.

One concludes with an, "Oh to be like Piper" instead of, "Oh to be like Jesus".
Piper believes in a 'here and now' glorification (evidently Piper has acquired this). Piper should never speak of eternity because he misses justification completely. It means NOTHING to him. Piper makes the cross of Christ unattainable. Jesus' sacrifice for our sins is negligible while he places full focus on some kind of mystical experience with 'god' that is psychologically based and mentally and physically 'sensed' DURING Piper's 'speeches' or at "Passion" (note that word) conferences!

Justice Before Grace

"God will not wink at sin or gloss over evil doing. Whether He be dealing in judgment with an individual or with a nation, that which has displeased Him must be rectified before there can be a return of His favour. It is useless to pray for His blessing while we refuse to put away that which has called down His curse. It is vain to talk about exercising faith in God’s promises until we have exercised repentance for our sins. Our idols must be destroyed before He will accept our worship."

~ Arthur Pink, "The Life of Elijah"

Piper Claims Allah Is God

"Without a crucified Savior bearing all the wrath of Allah, Allah will not be sung to. He will be trembled over and maybe you’ll kill yourself while killing others in order — possibly — to get into some paradisaical relationships. Oh, how sad is that religion?" 

Allah isn't God. Allah is not Triune, has no Son, is not the Holy One of Israel. Allah is a deceiver, schemer, and crafty, is mutable, had to add and perfect light to himself, approves of murdering Christians and who's way is full of violence (of the flesh). Allah demanded angels to worship Adam, had to ordain mercy on himself, and denies that Jesus Christ the risen Lord is God the Son; he devalues women to mere property and approves of wife beating. Allah is the moon god of ancient Babylon and "Allah" is his personal name as the Shahada demonstrates (“La ilaha illallah” (“There is no god but Allah”)).
This is NOT Yahweh! For Piper to claim allah is God, is to blaspheme God, His name, and His nature. Piper is either too lazy to do a little research on allah, or he's so wicked that he thinks allah of Islam IS the God of the Bible and that the mere difference is that the Muslims reject Jesus as the Messiah. Either way, this dooms Piper again (he tweeted on this a few years ago). Trying to blur the line between Yahweh and allah is nothing short of demonic. There is absolutely no room for ignorance on this issue as it has everything to do with the truth regarding who God is versus who the demon called Allah is. This highly matters.

Allah's name:

Many believe the word “Allah” was derived from the mid- eastern word “el” which in Ugaritic, Caananite and Hebrew can mean a true or false God. This is not the case, “The source of this (Allah) goes back to pre-Muslim times. Allah is not a common name meaning “God” (or a “god”), and the Muslim must use another word or form if he wishes to indicate any other than his own peculiar deity.” (Encyclopedia of Religion and Ethics (ed. Hastings), I:326.)
According to the Encyclopedia of Religion, Allah corresponded to the Babylonian god Baal, and Arabs knew of him long before Mohammed worshipped him as the supreme God. Before Islam the Arabs recognized many gods and goddesses, each tribe had their own deity. There were also nature deities. Allah was the god of the local Quarish tribe, which was Mohammed's tribe before he invented Islam to lead his people out of their polytheism. Allah was then known as the Moon God, who had 3 daughters who were viewed as intercessors for the people into Allah. Their names were Al-at, Al-uzza, and Al-Manat, which were three goddesses; the first two daughters of Allah had names which were feminine forms of Allah. Hubal was the chief God of the Kaaba among the other 360 deities. Hubal was the chief God of the Kaaba among the other 360 deities. Hubal was a statue likeness of a man whose body was made of red precious stones whose arms were made of gold. (Reference Islam George Braswell Jr.)

Mohammed used the name Allah which was formerly the name of a specific idol without ever distinguishing it from the idol the Meccan’s were already worshipping. This was a modification of their former worship but never a complete break. He never did say for the people to stop their worship of the wrong Allah, for the right one. It can still be monotheism and not be the God of the Bible

The literal name of Mohammed's father in Arabic is Abd Allah. His uncle's name Obred Allah. These names show the devotion of Mohammed's families pagan roots, and also prove that Allah was part of a polytheistic system of worship before Allah was made the supreme and only god from the other God's.

End quote.

2Jn 1:3  Grace, mercy and peace will be with us, from God the Father and from Jesus Christ, the Son of the Father, in truth and love.
2Jn 1:7  For many deceivers have gone out into the world, those who do not acknowledge Jesus Christ as coming in the flesh. This is the deceiver and the antichrist. 8  Watch yourselves, that you do not lose what we have accomplished, but that you may receive a full reward. 9  Anyone who goes too far and does not abide in the teaching of Christ, does not have God; the one who abides in the teaching, he has both the Father and the Son. 

1Jn 2:22  Who is the liar but the one who denies that Jesus is the Christ? This is the antichrist, the one who denies the Father and the Son. 23  Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father; the one who confesses the Son has the Father also. 24  As for you, let that abide in you which you heard from the beginning. If what you heard from the beginning abides in you, you also will abide in the Son and in the Father

Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Demanding Michael Brown To Act Upon Convictions He Doesn't Have.

According to Pirate Christian Radio:

"Recently, in an exchange on his Facebook page, Dr. Michael Brown was challenged (by Steven Kozar, Chris Rice, Amy Spreeman and others) to call out these false teachers in order to protect his listeners from their very bad doctrine. False teachers like Jennifer LeClaire, Heidi Baker, Bill Johnson and Benny Hinn. Nobody suggested that Dr. Brown personally attack these people, but simply compare their teachings to Scripture. He repeatedly refused. Strangely,  he did not fully endorse them; instead he used vague generalizations like "as far as I know these are fine Christians."  Dr. Brown wants to be respected as a very knowledgeable scholar and expert, but he continually expresses ignorance about the people and teachings from within his very own movement. Dr. Brown promotes these people on his own radio show, and he's been a guest on Benny Hinn's TV show."

There's an underlying problem with these people who are demanding Brown reject these NAR leaders as heretics: he's a Charismatic and therefore has doctrines of demons himself. It was Michael Brown who came out slamming against John MacArthur and the Strange Fire conference. It's no wonder he won't touch them, for his own movement says to do so would be to "touch God's anointed" and do "His prophets" "harm". Brown isn't ignorant; he's deceived and a deceiver himself. That's why these others can't understand Brown's hesitation in calling them out for their error. It's like Republican scratching their heads wondering why the GOP leaders don't reject the DNC's bills like Obamacare and supporting Planned Parenthood and big government. It's not that they haven't communicated the conservative stance well enough, but it's because they agree with it and they aren't conservative. You can't fight for something you don't believe in, nor can you fight against something you don't think is absolute error--whether in politics or "Christianity".

People need to wake up to the reality that these leaders (political and religious) aren't ignoramuses--they are liberal. If they get that, then it will all make sense. One can't demand a liberal to act like a conservative and then get upset when they don't--which is what they are doing of Brown. In other words, they are demanding Brown to act upon convictions he doesn't have.

It also reveals that all these people demanding Brown reject the NAR folks, themselves are ok with his Charismaticism (as is Grace To You which I addressed here, where I said, " the problem with Charismatics is that first they dismiss Scripture as being the fully sole authority for the Christians' doctrine and practice, they rely on experiences, which then leads to  their "epic failure" to warn about false teachers. It is precisely because of a low view of Scripture and a high view of man that the Charismatics refuse to rebuke and reject false teachers. And that's exactly what you have in New Calvinism and its refuse to rebuke and reject false teachers like Piper, Warren, and Driscoll.") They are themselves ignoring absolute biblical Truth and instead are quite Post-Modern (my truth versus Brown's truth), as if God hasn't already spoken clearly in the Bible on these doctrines which these "more solid" Evangelicals seem to think are matters of opinion. In fact, it probably says a lot more about those folks than Brown himself. They presume his Charismaticism is nebulous. That's a demonic tactic right there. Back in 2014 I said,

A Charismatic is a Charismatic (especially someone like Brown or John Piper for that matter) and is fundamentally flawed in his or her view of Scripture, God, authority, gifts, ecclessiology, the Gospel, etc. Its a fundamental problem. That's why they easily embrace false teachers because their own low view of Scripture dictates anything is up for grabs---especially if  they think God "could be" working in such circles. They will always give room to them as if they are brothers; to do otherwise would invite the judgment of God upon them  for touching God's anointed (that's how they think).
By trying to give credibility and wide tolerance for the likes of what some imagine to be "moderate" Charismatics, you end up not only surprised when such a person embraces a heretic (why?) but worse have handed him a platform, time, and cover to do more damage.  That's why we can't call such men "moderate" Charismatics because these men (learned men, at that), go and embrace damnable doctrine and teachers. I don't find that honorable, respectable or acceptable. If the tree is bearing bad fruit, then the tree is bad. Get it? You gave Brown and Piper cover--now look at what they are doing: defiantly defending and sharing the pulpit with false teachers, violating 2 John 9-10 and falling into condemnation of v. 11.
Btw, the fact that Michael Brown didn't get thrown out of the TBN studio after the first taping, but stayed for five proves he did not address with holy wrath the utter blasphemy of Benny Hinn.

End quote.

That still remains for this new round of demands by Evangelicals like Amy Spreeman and others. 

Saturday, May 06, 2017

Hank Hanegraaff Seeks Experiences, Not Truth

This is not what the Bible itself says and it shows why he went apostate: he wanted an experience, not Truth. As the "Christian Post" reported:
The "Bible Answer Man" promised supporters that he will keep them updated on his condition, and also about the path he is on, revealing that his next book will be titled Truth Matters; Life Matters More.
"The map is not the territory. The menu is not the meal. The Bible has given me great strength and courage for leading my life. It is what I call the infallible repository for redemptive revelation. I trust the Bible," he said, speaking of some of the topics the book will touch upon.
"But the Bible is pointing me to something far more significant, it is pointing me toward an experience in Christ. And that is something that has become ever more precious to me," he added, and concluded the video by asking for prayers.
Interestingly the entire Bible is Truth, Jesus IS Truth.The Spirit is the Spirit of Truth. God is the God of Truth. Entire books and chapters in Scripture are devoted to Truth. Without Truth, there is no life that pleases the King. The title of his book posits a false dichotomy--one which is absolutely contrary to Scripture, for all doctrine (whether false or true) indeed impacts one's life.
Joh 4:23 "But an hour is coming, and now is, when the true worshipers will worship the Father in spirit and truth; for such people the Father seeks to be His worshipers
Joh 4:24 "God is spirit, and those who worship Him must worship in spirit and truth."
1Ti 6:3 If anyone advocates a different doctrine and does not agree with sound words, those of our Lord Jesus Christ, and with the doctrine conforming to godliness, 
1Ti 6:4 he is conceited and understands nothing; but he has a morbid interest in controversial questions and disputes about words, out of which arise envy, strife, abusive language, evil suspicions, 
1Ti 6:5 and constant friction between men of depraved mind and deprived of the truth, who suppose that godliness is a means of gain.

Mat 4:4  But he answered, "It is written, "'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that comes from the mouth of God.'"

Tuesday, May 02, 2017

CDC Acknowledges That Many Kids Abstain From Sexual Intercourse

When mothers of young girls tell their pediatrician or other pro-HPV vaccine people that they will not allow their daughters to get the vaccine because their daughters aren't allowed to be sexually active, they're usually countered with the attitude of "you're dreaming if you think your kid won't have sex". But isn't it interesting--and useful the next time you run into this attitude--that this CDC study actually acknowledges it IS possible and many teens DO hold to abstinence.

The report, titled "Sexual Identity, Sexual Contacts, and Health-Related Behaviors Among Students in Grades 9-12, United States and Selected Sites," showcased the results from a 2015 survey that monitored several categories of health-related behaviors like tobacco usage, drug and alcohol use, sexual habits, unhealthy dietary behaviors, and behaviors that contribute to unintentional injuries and violence.
The report concludes "that students who had no sexual contact have a much lower prevalance of most health-risk behaviors compared with students" who had sexual contact....
The CDC report also included findings from 25 state surveys, and 19 large, urban school district surveys conducted among students in grades 9–12 which took place between December of 2014 and September of 2015.
~The Christian Post

The report went to to say:
"With regard to smoking, teenage virgins are 3,300 percent less likely to smoke daily than their peers who are sexually involved with someone of the opposite sex, Stanton computed from the report's data. Teen virgins are 9,500 percent less likely to smoke daily than their peers who are sexually involved with someone of the same sex or in a bisexual relationship, he added. Chaste young people are also extremely less likely to use indoor tanning beds, binge drink, smoke marijuana, ride in cars as passengers with a drunk driver, and get into physical fights than their sexually active peers. Abstinent youth are also more likely to get a solid eight hours of sleep every night and eat breakfast daily."

This indicates good principles, values, and self control, with critical thinking skills (long term picture--how will this behavior or choice affect one later on--type of thinking) overall. Self control regarding sex will also be used in other areas in one's life.