Monday, July 15, 2013

Busiest Abortion Mill In VA Closes

Praise God for revealing how horrific this abortion/murder mill is and shut it down

Townhall reports:

NOVA Women’s Healthcare of Fairfax County was one of the largest and most frequented abortion clinics in the state of Virginia. It performed more abortions than any other provider in the Old Dominion in the last few years, including 3,066 in 2012 alone. But, thanks to new abortion regulations in the state and a denied permit, it has seen its last patient.
It’s speculated that new Virginia regulations which require clinics to meet new hospital-grade standards had forced NOVA to find a new location. 
End quote.
Yes, those murder clinics are not known for their high health standards. Some are no better than the allies the pro-abortionists claimed was endangering the women and thus demanded legalization of abortion  (who cares about the baby they were murdering). But as the news has revealed, some of these clinics are nothing but bloody slaughter houses with anyone doing any procedure---even the receptionist pitches in.
I can only hope it doesn't re-open later down the road.

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