Tuesday, July 16, 2013

During the Length of the Zimmerman Trial, Four Minors Were Shot Dead In Chicago

(CNSNews.com) – In the 20-day period of the George Zimmerman trial, four minors – three teens and a five-year-old boy - were gunned down in Chicago, according to Homicide Watch Chicago, a Chicago Sun-Times publication, which details every murder that takes place in the city. 

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Where's the outrage of all those race baiters like Al Sharpton, Barack Obama, Ben Jealous, and Jesse Jackson? Their silence is deafening. So is their lack of concern.

Here are a few who have asked the same question back in March:


Following President Obama’s comments on the shooting death of Trayvon Martin, some African-American activists say the media-dominating story is distracting attention from much greater threats to African-Americans.
“Without a doubt,” Obama’s decision to highlight the February inter-racial shooting is a distraction that will likely will spur turnout for the 2012 election, T. Willard Fair, president of the Urban League of Greater Miami Inc, told The Daily Caller on Mar. 23.
But “the outrage should be about us killing each other, about black-on-black crime,” especially in Chicago, rather than a single wrongful killing in Florida, he said.
Would you think to have 41 people shot [in Chicago] between Friday morning and Monday morning would be much more newsworthy and deserve much more outrage?” he asked....''
In 2009, completed law-enforcement investigations showed that 352 African-Americans were killed by known whites — a category that includes Latinos — and 4,094 African-Americans were killed by African-Americans, according to FBI data.
On Mar. 25, Chicago-based Catholic priest Rev. Michael Pfleger — a well-known social activist who leads a majority black congregation — urged attendees at a Chicago protest to do something about urban crime around the country.
If you really honor Trayvon Martin, what are you going to do differently tomorrow about violence? What child are you going to reach out to? What youth center? What school? What will you do differently to fight the violence?” he declared, according to a report from a local CBS station.
End quote.
Apparently nothing but create the violence....

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