Sunday, July 14, 2013

Racism and the Zimmerman Trial

I think the reaction to the verdict of George Zimmerman's trial is what actually shows the racism of some Americans, namely the high profile liberal ones.

Zimmerman is Hispanic and had close relationships with black, Hispanic, and white people. The Sanford police along with the FBI found zero racism as a motive for the shooting.

Don't confuse the liberal racists with the facts, though. Their mind is made up, even if the facts prove otherwise.

The fact that a jury of white women that found a Hispanic not guilty of murder shows its not about race. How can it be? Are Hispanics now supposed not get justice because they have a slightly lighter skin color? Really??

Declaring a man guilty simply because he is another race is hardly what MLK Jr, the idol and prop of the civil rights activists, proclaimed in his famous "I Have A Dream" speech.  He said that he dreamed of a day when people in this nation would not be judged by the color of his skin but the conduct of his character.

Conduct and character.

Time to really look at those two things because that's what's missing from the race baiters these days.


Zimmerman Jr. also recalled to TheDC earlier Friday that his brother has helped mentor two African-American children whose father is serving a life sentence in prison.

~The Daily Caller

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Shaune Liendo said...

i believe the prevalence of racism is evident not only by the liberals but conservatives as well-and that was in no doubt initiated and intensified by the media!
This case presented a racial undertone that should be addressed in America but I do not believe it was associated or motivated in the death of the young man.
In an effort to classify,the US has marginalized itself into a racial dichotomy of White or Black. Hence, some Hispanics do identify as White.
Nonetheless, I do wish we could acheive MLKs dream on a national and individual level! It may never happen here, but I thank GOD that there will be a place!