Friday, July 19, 2013

Conservative Hispanics Speak Out, Uphold Loyalty to the Constitution, Not Race

The Conservative Hispanics of America say they are proud Americans who put loyalty to the U.S. first, not in second place behind allegiance to a culture or ancestral home.

“Conservative Hispanics of America have rallied together to remind all politicians that ignoring the ‘Oath of Affirmation’ will bear serious consequences,” said Al Garza, who along with Andy Ramirez, is a founder.
Allegiance to the United States Constitution is not an option, it is their sworn obligation,” he said. “The images in the far distance of this great nation’s rear mirror should never again interfere with the long range vision of Americans of all colors. That is the America I was taught by my parents to love, serve and to protect. Clearly the traitors in Washington are obsessed with the re-creation of another America which will never parallel the America I grew up to love and defend.”
Ramirez said that when he watched a Senate hearing on immigration that included a representative of La Raza, which means “The Race,” and an admitted illegal alien “it was very clear to many conservative Hispanics that the ‘fix’ was in where amnesty was concerned.”


Ramirez, by the way, was a local California Democrat chairman and also a nominee to the California Assembly. He attests to hearing firsthand the lefist goals in the Democrat party.

In the same vein, Michael Ferris, a lawyer and also founder of the Home School Defense League Association and founder and chancellor of Patrick Henry College says a similar thing, summarized here:


The Constitution was not written in the name of our leaders, but by the authority of "We The People." It was expected that the people would enforce leaders' duty to preserve, protect, and defend the constitution.

If our government no longer faithfully adheres to the Constitution, ultimately the problem is that we are not doing our part as enlightened citizens; and when we find that the government's current actions are out of step with the Constitution, it is our duty as citizens to act.

Most basically, we have the duty to throw out all elected officials who abuse the Constitution and to replace them with new officials who will faithfully preserve, protect, and defend the Constitution.

For years, Americans have remained silent as our government encroaches on our freedoms.

End quote.

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