Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Racist God-Hating Professor

Perhaps Tom Joyner will hire this professor to tutor Rachel Jeantel:

"University of Pennsylvania (UPenn) Professor Anthea Butler on Monday expressed anger over the not-guilty verdict of the George Zimmerman trial, arguing in a blogpost that God must be a “white racist.” ~Source 


Apparently, there are still some students of Butler's  who see right through her and reject her silliness, as three reviews by her students at Rate My Professors shows:

*Pathetic. This teacher is pathetically bad at her supposed job. Do not give this untalented instructor any more classes. Bad.

*its an embarassment to the RS department that this loudmouth idiot with crazy Don King hair is the head chair. Worst Professor ive ever known or heard of. her opinions are poorly substantiated and academically unsound to say the least mostly due to her afrocentric presuppositional bias which makes her narrow-minded.Avoid her at all cost!

*She is an awful teacher who thinks that she knows everything when half of the time she is making mistakes in the names of the things she is trying to teach! I'm a student and even I can see her mistakes! She takes herself way too seriously, and her TAs are awful! Her and her TAs are very harsh graders, beware!

Her rating was a 1.7 out of 4.

According to The Daily Caller:

"...last December when she said on MSNBC that white people who supported gun rights were just trying to assuage “the fear of not having enough guns if the brown people rise up and come and get you.” She was responding to the gun control debate in the wake of the elementary school shooting in Newtown, Connecticut."

Apparently for Butler, according to the DC report, the First Amendment doesn't guarantee unlimited free speech for everyone, and neither does she. She has locked her Twitter account to only those she gives access to [those who agree with her it seems], after people reminded her of the First Amendment of free speech regarding the film maker some wrongly accused of starting a deadly attack in Benghazi earlier this year. But of course, she has total freedom to spew her slanderous remarks as much as she wants, because according to her, her  tenure at U of Penn means shes untouchable. Ah, the messy, chaotic, and irrational mind of a liberal. In a word, hypocrite.

Whether U of Penn will let her incidious remarks and indoctrination (versus education and information) go unpunished is a secondary matter. The foremost issue is that her scathing anger and arrogance against the God who created her, will be dealt with by Him. Unless she repents in humility before Him, it won't be pretty.

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