Friday, July 19, 2013

Red Cross Among Numerous Charities Which Have Kept $238 Million Given To Help Hurricane Sandy Victims

This is why I won't give to these big charities anymore. They are just as bad as the government in how they handle money. I rather give to a local biblical church instead.

MyFoxNY reports:

Within days of Superstorm Sandy making landfall in October 2012, a number of charitable organizations started collecting donations from kindhearted souls freely giving their monies to help with Sandy relief efforts or so they thought.

Schneiderman's office found that 89 charities raised more than half a billion dollars. By April, only 57 percent of that had been given in sandy relief, leaving at least $238 million still in the hands of those nonprofits and not in the hands of sandy victims.

The biggest fundraiser was the American Red Cross with about $300 million in Sandy relief. The Red Cross said that all donations specified for Sandy relief were done so.

Schneiderman said at least 17 organizations report they may use Sandy donations for non-Sandy purposes, including future disasters.

End quote.

And yet they will cry for more money when those future disasters happen. 

Talk about corrupt and misuse of money....and abuse of the kind-hearted folks who wanted to help his fellow man!

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