Friday, July 12, 2013

Now Salt is OK, Fish Oil is Not

RUSH:  Here it is.  The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in Atlanta admit a long-standing error.  "There is no benefit in reducing salt."  Again, from the Centers for Disease Control:  "There is no benefit in reducing salt."  They are correcting a long-standing error. 

"A recent report commissioned by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) reviewed the health benefits of reducing salt intake and the take-home message is --" dadelut dadelut dadelut dadelut "--that salt, in the quantities consumed by most Americans, is no longer considered a substantial health hazard."  In fact, "It may be that we’re better off with more salt than less, up to 2 or even 3 teaspoons per day. How did it happen that such standard medical advice drifted astray, then went uncorrected for so long?" 

How did that happen?  How does that happen?  How do all of these food myths get started?  How do all of these health myths get started?  And as I ask again and again, how long is it going to be until everybody realizes that the people pushing this stuff are political, are pushing a political agenda?  Now, I realize some of you might be saying, "Rush, come on, now, couldn't they just have made a mistake?  What in the world would be political about telling people not to eat salt?"  Now, you might be thinking that I think that that's an example of liberalism.  And that's not what I'm saying.  It's about control, folks.  It's about power. 
It's about control.  It's about manipulation and dictating the way you live and forcing it on you and everybody else, rather than just letting you live your life as you want to, letting you enjoy the things that you like without being penalized, stigmatized, humiliated, or what have you.  Just yesterday we learned that all of these drugs for ADD, don't make a bit of difference.  Your young boys that are hyperactive, in your mind, so you gotta slow 'em down so they can focus and learn better, it doesn't work....
It's not just salt.  Try this.  "Taking health supplements with omega-3 fatty acids--" I hate to tell you this.  It turns out "Taking health supplements with omega-3 fatty acids can increase the chances of contracting prostate cancer, according to new research. Omega-3 fatty acids, found naturally in oily fish and lauded for their anti-inflammatory properties, were found to increase the risk of high-grade disease by 71 percent." 
I agree with Rush that its agenda-driven, its very much about Liberals controlling everyone else's bodies, while screaming Conservatives can't dare to do the same (but they don't want to--Conservatives historically are for smaller government and its control, contrary to Liberals). Its hypocrisy. But also, the thing I've found with studies over the years is that there's always a study that contradicts the one prior to it. One year, coffee is "found" to increase heart problems; two years later its shown to decrease it. Salt is "found" to be harmful, and now its found to not be harmful. People go to extremes too, with these things---zero salt, tons of Omega 3's---its like this country is manic. Swing this way, swing that way.  Its unreal. Where is common sense? And why does anyone care what I eat, especially the government? 

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