Friday, July 12, 2013

The 1960's

Kathy Shaidle's recap of Michael Savage's (an others') radio show this week:

Dr. Savage often plays “golden oldies” rock on his show when he comes back from a commercial break. One classic song prompted him to wonder this week: “What happened to America? How did we go from Chuck Berry to Al Sharpton? Some people say they’re surprised America survived the 1960s. I tell them we didn’t” (FREE audio).

Savage was inspired by Dr. Helen Smith’s new book “Men on Strike” to talk about how drastically America has been altered by the 1960s women’s movement (FREE audio).
“This is a war on men that was started by ‘Feminine Mystique’ author Betty Friedan and the other vile creatures who call themselves feminists,” Savage said. “And you women who can’t find a man to settle down with have only your female cohorts to blame. … Don’t blame the men. Men have awakened to the fact that marriage is a rigged pinball machine.”
End quote.

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Who were the parents of the '60's? Who was educating these children? Who were the authors of the most popular books?

The take away lesson: there ARE consequences to ideas and behaviors. What you read DOES influence your thinking. What you fill your mind with DOES affect your behavior. This is called a worldview and it has consequences, good or bad, of order or disorder, right or wrong, selfish or selfless. Of God or of the devil and this world.

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