Monday, July 08, 2013

Free Thinking and Free Speech At Ball State University? Not If the Atheists Get Their Way


Thousands of people have signed a petition urging officials at Ball State University to defend the academic freedom of an assistant professor of physics who introduced evidence of intelligent design to his students.

Eric Hedin has been targeted by the special-interest group Freedom from Religion Foundation, which claims his teachings should not be allowed at a public university.

The controversy erupted when FFRF objected to Hedin’s elective seminar called “The Boundaries of Science,” which according to the syllabus explores evidence of intelligent design in nature as well as the limits of scientific knowledge.
Officials at the school have confirmed the bibliography for the course includes distinguished scholars such as Oxford University mathematician John Lennox, Harvard astronomer Owen Gingerich, Oxford mathematical physicist Roger Penrose and physicist and Anglican priest John Pokinghorne.
“Academic freedom means nothing if it does not protect professors from all sides of the intellectual and ideological spectrum,” said John West, Discovery’s vice president.


Discovery Institute made the point that previously when a conservative challenged the "ideological indoctrination" being imposed on a class by a professor of "peace studies", the university defended the teacher and launched no review panel. However, the school is launching a review in this latest incident, but concerns over the bias of the three-person review panel exist.

The problem is the intolerance of the Left who mouth "tolerance" all the time, demanding conservative tolerate everyone and everything, especially them. Yet they are the most notorious for being intolerant of those who oppose their own worldview, particularly Christians or those who hold to a Creator of some sort.

Ben Stein, the actor from "Ferris Bueller's Day off" (in real life he is an economist, teacher, author, speaker, and lawyer (Yale) ), helped expose this blatant culture of intolerance in the movie "Expelled: No Intelligence Allowed".

What was once a bastion of out-of-the-box thinking (two generations ago)  has now been replaced with tow-the-line-or-get-silenced thinking. 

Dare to dissent from evolution, psychology, or homosexuality? You will be bullied and persecuted to either shut up and put up or leave---or threatened to never work in academia again.

If atheists are so convinced that God doesn't exist, then why are they so angry and hostile? I know the Tooth Fairy doesn't exist, so I don't care about whether parents teach their children about some mythical fairy that gives their kids money for baby teeth. It doesn't cause me to become irrationally angry nor does it put me on a crusade to shut down all people who play the Tooth Fairy game with their young children. 

When it comes to evil, its interesting to consider how atheists are bothered by the issue of evil. One must ask why, especially given their  doctrine of evolution's theory of Survival of the Fittest (or really, the destruction of the weak).

The anger and insistence of atheists to silence anyone who holds to a Creator, merely proves that He does exist, as Romans 1 clearly points out.

The atheists' conscience is bearing down on them and they are feeling the weight of their guilt before God, even if they refuse to acknowledge it.

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