Wednesday, October 23, 2019

Elyse Fitzpatrick Teaches Men And Promotes Heretics

It's not just Beth Moore that teaches men. It's also Elyse Fitspatrick. Anyone who is part of The "Gospel" Coalition as she is, must be rejected because that group is founded by heretic Tim Keller and promotes heresies. 

Who she endorses are some of the worst, immoral people in Evangelicalism. Here are some examples:

On TBN with Tullian Tchividjian (fired from two churches for sexual immorality and lying): (info on him here and here)

Promoting liberal, pro-abortion feminist liberal Karen Swallow

Promoting gay Anglican priest Sam Allberry (more info here)(Revoice infamy):


🚨 New Episode 🚨 our friend Preston Sprinkle joins us to talk about the intersection of faith and sexuality. This is such an important topic and I learned so much from Preston. Please listen in. Find us on iTunes (Front Porch with the Fitzes) or the link is in my profile

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