Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Belgian Parliament About to Approve of Child Euthanasia

The Belgian Federal Parliament is reportedly about to expand its controversial "right to die" policies to include access to euthanasia for some gravely ill children.

The bill, introduced by the Socialist party in December, would lay out guidelines for doctors to decide on a case-by-case basis whether or not a child is mature enough to make the decision to end his or her own life, as well as whether a child's health is grave and hopeless enough to warrant euthanasia.
~ IB Times

So heart-breaking. This should be the parents' decision, not a court's nor a child's. We are dismissing the wisdom of older people, and presuming children have wisdom, when they don't. More and more I see in our culture here in America, but perhaps its true for the West generally, that the aged are disregarded and the youngsters are idolized and given authority they neither have the maturity nor wisdom to deal with it. We are forcing the children to make adult decisions on a multitude  of levels, and yet they cannot fathom nor handle the consequences when they happen. We are a self-indulgent culture. We are also a godless one as is Europe.

So tragic, truly it is. This is very mournful to me.

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