Friday, June 07, 2013

Christianity In the Midst of A Coup D'etat

As I was reading Limbaugh's article on the Obama regime's take over of American through the IRS, DOJ, wiretapping of journalists, phone calls, emails, and all electronic communications of every person who uses cell phones, Fast and Furious, Obamacare, etc....with all the people who have been telling Conservative people to stop being so worried, its nothing, don't over react, don't go off half cocked, be levelheaded....It made me think, wow, that's pretty much the reaction I  observe from people who love John Piper and Rick Warren, or Matt Chandler, Francis Chan, Tim Keller.

Piece after piece of information I  and others have given about the serious error, even heresies of some of the most popular "Christian" leaders in the last 8 years---is written off as inconsequential, judgmental, narrow minded, worried about nothing. Worse, these men and women are growing in their pride and arrogance as they gain a wider audience and money.

In other words the cheerleaders of both Obama and apostate teachers are doing the same thing to Conservatives in both camps.

Its not a coincidence. Its a sign of how bad things are; of how far compromise ("liberalism) has spread; of how dark our country is.

Most "Conservative Christians" will point at our society and its sexual immorality and abortion as evidence of how far America has fallen and is justly awaiting God's judgement (if its not already here yet). But considering the parallel of politics and religion, I would say this:

The barometer of a nation is its churches.

Folks, its worse than you ever thought imaginable.

And its happening at a rapid pace. I liken the downgrade to a spiral. Since the beginning of the 1900's it was a bit slow in pace, but the spin is increasing so much that the revolution of each spin is getting smaller and tighter and thus faster every year.

Who thought homosexuality was even up for debate about whether God made people that way, 8 years ago? 5 years ago?  Who thought "Christians" would be ok with "celibate" homosexuals, buying into the "Gay Gene" myth? Who would have thought 8 years ago that "Christians" would vote for a pro-abortion Mormon for president? Who ever thought we'd see "pastors" talking from a bed on stage for "church", or cuss from the pulpit, 8 years ago? Or the Bible being remade into a glossy teenage magazine, or a New Age manual cleverly called "the Message" (which is a message, but not a biblical one---a demonic one) used by the nation's most popular "pastor"?

Who thought 8 years ago that you could deny basic tenants of biblical Christianity and still be considered a Christian?

Whoever thought you'd see "Christian" leaders promote Roman Catholicism, Eastern Mysticism, Social Justice (works righteousness), apologize to the LDS for "Christian's behavior" (that is, for saying that Mormons are in no way Christian), claim the Muslims worship the same God we do, or deny the Genesis account of Creation, exploit the death of an apostate's son to promote the apostate and his books?

To borrow Limbaugh's word, Christianity is facing a coup d'etat of its own by the same liberal mindset. Its no wonder "Christ" has been removed from ministries and church names. Crosses, the term "Christian", Sunday services, a biblical worldview, are all being erased, removed, wiped out, pounced on.

Will indeed Christ Jesus find faith on earth when He returns?

Will He?

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