Friday, June 21, 2013

The List of Negoitable Truth

Blast from the past. How error is beautifully tolerated in the name of "reformed" and "Christianity".....

How did God deal with the shepherds of Israel? Did He wink at their sin and excused it as being merely "immature"? Or did He condemn them and pronounce judgment upon them? See Jer. 6:13-15; 7:4-24).

Consider this too:The continuing list of what a "Christian" (even a Reformer) can hold to as optional yet find "unity" by "holding to" the TULIP and Creed and Confessions:

Male leadership in church and families 
Accepts Eastern mysticism/Emergent Church Movement 
Jesus' physical return
Our physical resurrection
Satan as our current enemy
Justification by faith alone
Literal Adam and Eve
Fruit of the Spirit
Creation in literal 6 days
Impeccability of Christ
Lordship of Christ
Not using freedoms in Christ to cover evil; causing a brother to stumble
Not Getting Drunk
Gospel includes the resurrection of Jesus
Literal hell
The Narrow Road excludes many people (the Broad Road) (aka no Universalism)
The Trinity
Sufficiency of Scripture
Philosophy - hold to it
Truth in error
Faith Alone
Christ Alone
Inspiration of Scripture
Total Depravity
Perseverance / Preservation of the Saints by God alone
Rejection of heretics
Rejection of Roman Catholicism
Edifying speech
Perpescuity of Scripture and its doctrines
Completion of God's revelation

This leads me to ask, what makes anyone a Christian? Because they SAY they are?This POMO age has created "Christians" that not only do not know biblical doctrine, they don't live by it nor do they think its clear. Instead it has trained "Christians" to think ignorance as a virtue rather than a vice. Truth IS knowable. Jesus said it is. Do you really believe HIM?

This is why Calvinism, which is really very man-centered, will fall for Emergent Eastern Mysticism, Foul Language, and treating the things in Scripture, even Scripture itself, not as holy, but as entertaining or trivial matters. They find Scripture interesting but as milk, and the theologians as meat. This ought not to be.

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