Wednesday, June 05, 2013

No Difference Between Number of "Christians" and All Americans Who Read "50 Shades of Grey"

According to the "Christian" Post:

A new study has revealed there is no difference between the percentage of Christians who have read Fifty Shades of Grey and the percentage of all Americans who have read the book, which has at times been described as "mommy porn."

According to Barna Group researchers, nine percent of practicing Christians have read E.L. James' erotic novel, and the same percentage of all American adults have done the same. Sixteen percent of women have read the bestseller, which was more popular among older readers – one out of ten of both Busters (ages 29-47) and Boomers (ages 48-66) say they have read the book. Among those adults who read Fifty Shades, one-in-five (19 percent) were practicing Christians.

End quote.

"For the purpose of the research, "practicing faith Christians" were those who self-identified as Christian or Catholic, who had attended a church service in the last month and who strongly agreed that their faith is "very important" to them." ~CP reported

This is a grievous error because Catholics are not Christians (different gospel, different Bible, different worship, different ecclesiology, different God). Furthermore a person who can't fit God to their busy schedule to go to church except perhaps once every 4 weeks (and I bet that's a generous claim) shows an utter lack of a desire for the biblical things of God. It contradicts their claim that "faith is very important to them". If its very important, they'd be committed to obeying the Lord Jesus Christ and be under the teaching of Scripture and leadership of elders and deacons in corporate worship as the Bible says we're to do (Heb. 10 for example). Moreover, this would really be a demonstration of love and loyalty to Christ and His church. To not do this is to show one is lacking true love of that which Christ loves: His church. 

Just because people claim to be Christians, doesn't it make it so. The fruit in their life as well as the doctrine they believe is what is to be tested by Scripture to know if they are truly in Christ or not. Reading porn is not Christian and violates several passages in Scripture. True Christians have a marked distinction from the world. If you've read this porn book, you should question yourself to see if you are truly in The Faith, in Christ Jesus, and read 1John which is full of spiritual tests.

On another but related note:

One hotel in the UK has replaced the Holy Scriptures, which alone are the inspired Word of God, able to make a person wise unto salvation, has all the answers to life's most important issues, with.....the pornographic book "50 Shades of Grey".  Often, those who travel frequently could use something that's actually beneficial to their souls, not something that will get them into immorality and possibly ruin marriages and families, not to mention the mental images that pollute their minds. Indeed this is twisted.

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