Wednesday, June 05, 2013

DSM V: Caffeine Withdrawals Now A Syndrome

The APA and its DSM has voted to now include caffeine withdrawals as a mental disorder.

Making my point yet again, that psychology and its bible, the DSM, is based on foolishness and subjectivity (they "felt" this would be good to include in the DSM V--of course merely to "make sure everyone is aware of it"(a Public Relations duty??)--never mind the fact that their own cures a la psychotropic drugs give some of the same--but often must worse--symptoms). They continue to make what is normal to be a syndrome and thus make millions of people suddenly a victim. In fact, these people don't even recognize normality anymore. If caffeine withdrawal has proven physical evidence (not anecdotal, not mere subjectivity, but hard, cold, repeatable, scientific facts) then it is not a "mental disorder" at all, but a physical reaction to a lack of caffeine which the body was accustomed to. Its not mental, but physical.

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