Friday, June 07, 2013

Which Takes More Courage?

It takes more courage (and moral courage) to stand up vocally against sodomy than it does to claim one is a sodomite.


Consider the recent public lashing of sports commentators and athletes who come out against homosexuality.

To make any negative comment about sodomy is to incur the wrath of the media, celebrities, activists, and corporations (sponsors), not to mention of family and friends (Twitter, Facebook).

In "Christian" circles, distancing and excuse-making is popular when a Christian actually speaks to the wickedness of sodomy. "Christians" fall over themselves and try to guilt such a person to not be so "harsh" or "judgmental" in such comments...and as always, the "compassion" (read: tolerance--the thing NOT given to the person who speaks out against homosexuality) card comes out with slapping Jesus and the tiresome"who's perfect" and "born this way" mantra on such wickedness.

Newly recognized homosexuals get praise, glory, and high fives.

Vocal dissenters get fired, silenced, bullied, or sued.

So which stand takes far more courage in this culture?

The holy one.

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