Saturday, June 08, 2013

The FBI Will Accept the Quran As "The Word of 'God'", But Not The Bible

The FBI has censored and modified hundreds of pages of materials to satisfy Muslim critics, including a change that was made because an agency “expert” insisted the Quran “is the revealed word of God.”
The details come from Judicial Watch, which obtained documentation of the hundreds of pages of FBI memos, training documents and other paperwork that the agency purged on the demands of Muslims....
“The FBI’s purge of so-called ‘offensive’ material is political correctness run amok, and it puts the nation at risk,” he said. “The Obama administration needs to stop putting the tender sensibilities of radical Islamists above the safety of the American people.”
However, our own military is hounding and persecuting vocal Christians. Like I said, our government preys on Christians because we don't retaliate by violence, whereas Muslims do because that is the foundation and commands in the quran.
Simply stated, terrorism works.
So does bullying.
Time to get some courage, folks, because the fact is, Islam knows Westerners are cowards and gullible, and are in fact doing their nasty PR work for them so the Muslim leaders don't have to eve lift a finger to get stupid Americans and Westerners to fall in line and give them what they want. Those that do fall in line will be the first to feel the wrath of Islam, because Islam rejects all Western thought (worldview). Muslims know this. Informed Christians and Conservatives know this. Liberals don't and will wonder what happened to their freedom when Sharia law becomes prevalent. Its already happening. Go check out Dearborn, Michigan, or go Jihad Watchhere and here.

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