Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Terrorism Works. Just Ask the Taliban.

The US will begin direct peace talks with Taliban leaders over the future of Afghanistan within days, it was revealed on Tuesday, after Washington agreed to drop a series of preconditions that have previously held back negotiations.

~The Guardian (UK)

The Taliban enforces strict Sharia law, which is consistent Islam (not "extreme" Islam). Honor killings, beheadings, strict dress codes, hatred of women, violence, this is all part of the Taliban and what the US fought against for years.

Only to now surrender to the demonic, inhuman political religion of the Taliban.

Peace with Islam necessarily means submit or die. This is the heart of Islam, of the Taliban, and of al-qaeda. These people were banking on stupid Americans and they were right do to so. Too many of them are willingly ignorant of the truth of Islam (it cannot coexist with a Western worldview), or simply don't care.

Peace? Taliban?

If it weren't so deadly, I'd say its a joke.

All those American lives lost in Afghanistan and for what? Unreal.

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