Thursday, June 06, 2013

Remembering D-day Today: the Day American, Canadian, and British Soldiers Stormed the Beach At Normandy

69 years ago today was the invasion at Normandy Beach, France. Few Veterans from WW II are still living, and the reality of what they faced, is quickly fading away from our national memory.

“I’m proud of it. I have a lot of personal satisfaction. If it weren’t for the Rangers, they would have lost the beach,” said James Gabaree, an old Ranger who fought and nearly died in the largest armed invasion in history, known as Operation Overlord.
“We made a difference,” said Gabaree, 88, who landed at Omaha Beach with the 5th Ranger Battalion, part of an invasion force of 160,000 American, British and Canadian troops who established a foothold in Nazi-occupied western Europe....
“I hope people remember there were many men who sacrificed their lives and youths. We were young when we went over there, but we came back old men. It was a supreme sacrifice. I hope people remember, there were some of us willing to die for democracy, because we believed in it.”
Gabaree said his health isn’t what it used to be, and he’s not sure he’ll be here for the 70th anniversary. But he isn’t complaining.
“I didn’t think I’d ever celebrate my 20th birthday,” he said.
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