Friday, June 07, 2013

Sodomite Bullies Bakery For Not Making a Cake to Celebrate Illegitimate Union

More bullying by the sodomite activists that demand everyone accept their wicked behavior, this time a bakery. A private business has every right to refuse service to anyone they want, but the sodomites don't like that. Instead of going to a bakery that has no convictions against their sinful lifestyle, they are going to bully this one bakery for daring to not agree with their choice of sexual immorality.

It is bullying.

Its intimidation.

Its wrong.

"Rights" for everyone who accepts their liberal agenda, but zero for those who vehemently disagree with them and won't cower to their bully tactics.

Interestingly, this bully tactic is never ever taken against Muslims. Ever. I find this hypocritical. Liberals will bend over backwards to accommodate Islam (even when its against sexual immorality, feminism, drinking, certain foods, and even financial policies--in a word, Sharia Law), yet they demand Christians to violate their principles. Why? Because Christians won't take a sword and slaughter those that oppose them? They won't bomb those who insult Jesus Christ or desecrate the Holy Bible?

Yup. We're non-violent unlike Muslims. So the sodomite bullies find Christians as "easy" prey to pounce on.

Shame on them.

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