Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Michelle Obama Whines About Living In the People's House

First Lady Michelle Obama on Tuesday described living in the White House as like being in a “really nice prison.

The Obamas are always on the go, whether a multi-million dollar tour of Europe or Africa, or tens of thousands of dollars date night. Let's not forget all the vacations to Hawaii, nor the fact she wanted this.

Living like a queen  has its price even in a fiefdom (let's not forget the staff to cater to her whims, along with  couture clothes and shoes).

Cry me a river.

Living in an increasingly dictatorial, statist nation is what is becoming more like a prison, especially with the threat of the DHS, IRS, and DOJ spying on private citizens and all their communications, tracking them, against our Constitutional rights. Yes, cry me a river dear Michelle. It smacks of elitist snobbery.

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