Friday, September 27, 2013

Obama "Hope" Poster Designer's Regret

The artist who created the iconic “Hope” posters during President Barack Obama’s first presidential campaign says he’d choose a different caption now....“How about drones?” Fairey said.

~Raw Story

Well sorry, Shepard Fairey, but he is your guy. You pushed for his election, even while many of us saw the problems with him. This is what Obama meant by "change".  Guess you should've dug deeper into Obama's worldview and associations to see this. Blind following for the sake of skin color or any change is foolishness.

Drones are just the tip of iceberg. Liberalism demands to control everyone else while whining "You aren't the boss of ME!". Obama is the epitome of liberalism: big government and a nanny state, violating constitutional rights.

Thanks for the "hope" and "change". 

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