Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Mark Driscoll Claims The Church Is Dying

Mark Driscoll,  R-rated hierling claims that "the church is dying" in these darker days, according to "Christian" Post,

"Christians are being ostracized, gay marriage is being legalized, the bandwagon has stopped carrying us and has started running over us," he continues in the letter. "The church is dying and no one is noticing because we're wasting time criticizing rather than evangelizing.
"The days are darker, which means our resolve must be stronger and our convictions clearer. This is not the hour to trade in work boots for flip-flops," Driscoll adds. "You didn't think you were here to kill time listening to Christian music until Jesus returned, did you?"
End quote.
Seems like Driscoll's "killing time" by talking about sex , writing about sex, and going on a sex-book tourtwisting the Song of Solomon .   
Evangelizing? He's far too busy criticizing the critics. 
In short, Driscoll is why the days are growing darker. He's an unholy man who treats that which is pure as impure.
Jesus Christ promised that HIS church will not die. And it won't. But those that are not built by HIM, those who have a foundation of sand, will be destroyed by HIM for God will not allow His name to be mocked.
More about Driscoll's problems here.

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