Saturday, September 28, 2013

The Modern Face of True Islam: use women as jihadists

The Telegraph reports:

The message was simple: there are no rules of engagement; the attacks can come at any time and from anyone. And the changing face of terrorism has become all too clear amid the rubble of Nairobi’s Westgate shopping mall, where last Saturday al-Shabaab militants stormed the building and murdered at least 67 people of all creeds and colour (five of them British)....

Where once secular militant groups were fighting primarily in the name of securing a nationalist identity, now cells are plotting to kill indiscriminately in the name of religion. Al-Qaeda and other terrorist groups recognise the value of recruiting women as jihadists....

In 2003, al-Qaeda started issuing statements about setting up women’s units. In August 2004, Al Khansa’a, the first women’s jihadist web-based magazine, was launched offering instructions on how to “support” men in the field. By March 2011, a glossy al-Qaeda magazine Al Shamikha – nicknamed the “Jihadi Cosmo” – gave female readers advice on matters ranging from beauty tips to suicide bombing, a combination that would be farcical if it wasn’t so sinister.

End quote.

~The Telegraph

Sadly, Islam is seeking silly Western women, luring them in by romance (literally), get them to convert, then use them as instruments in their jihad (although not just Western women, to be sure). This happened with Samantha Lewthwaite, 29, of Buckinghamshire, England, who at 15 was seduced into Islam by a school-girl crush on a Muslim, then later married one of London's 7/7 bombers. She's currently one of the most wanted women in the world, and known as the "White Widow".

This is something Westerners don't understand: that Islam doesn't play by the Geneva Convention rules, or by use of rationality, or even a Western worldview. Westerners look at Muslims and apply to them a Western worldview and then treat them accordingly, which is the gravest of mistakes. They don't play by our rules. They have no value of human life. They risk even women and children for their dreadful political religion. 

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