Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Of "Journalists" and Politicians: truth, facts, and accuracy aren't even an issue anymore

On the reporting of the Navy Yard mass murders:
So now there are three versions of the story: 1) Alexis arrived with an AR-15, a shotgun and a handgun. 2) He arrived with a shotgun but obtained the “assault-style rifle” and handgun on site. 3) He didn’t use an AR-15 at all, but rather had a shotgun and two handguns. The only similar element present in all three possible scenarios is the advice of Joe Biden, but who knows what really happened. 
The fact is that we don’t know what all the facts are, but it’s laughable that the media outlets that have been pumping out so much information that will ultimately turn out to be false (like this) are the same ones who claim to be the “real journalists.” 
One thing that appears to be the case is that Alexis reportedly had mental problems, which is something those who instinctively jump into “gun grab” mode fail to address while they’re busy calling for more laws that are somehow supposed to stop people who don’t obey laws.
                                       ~Doug Powers, An unnecessary reminder about initial media reports
The FACT is that there never was an AR15 involved. But journalists and politicians literally don't care about the facts. They want the emotion to drive the audience (read: the surfs) into their preferred (read: acceptable and controlled) behavior.
I've learned  that real-time news is often wrong, whether from eyewitnesses or the "reporters" themselves. And never listen to politicians who have the audacity to use a  massacre to promote their self-centered, unconstitutional agenda. 
Welcome to Post-Modernism. Don't bother the people with the facts.

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