Friday, September 27, 2013

Keller and Piper: CS Lewis Luvfest

According to John Piper's Desiring [I Don't Know What Kind of] God site:
"Lewis was a world-class scholar of English literature, and a Christian layman and apologist, and one of the main formative heroes for both Tim Keller and John Piper.
In this new 10-minute video, Piper interviews Keller about Lewis’s ongoing impact on him and Lewis’s model of cultural engagement which has marked Keller and continues to be relevant in the twenty-first century."


As usual, this is the video defense of why the focus at Desiring's conference. This year they are focusing on....not Jesus Christ....not Scripture....but on CS Lewis.

You literally can not get more man-centered if you tried.

Did CS Lewis go to heaven? Was he even a Christian? A book titled "Mere Christianity" would make it sound like he was all about Christianity. But the reality is, no. He was a false teacher who basically was a Romanish Episcopalian who denied some very fundamental doctrinal truths of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Far from "mere" Christianity, his work (including other books and letters) reveal nothing short of mere Roman Catholicism. Open up "Mere Christianity" and look up every quote Cecil Andrews refers to in his defining work on Lewis' damnable error. I did. Andrews is correct.

CS Lewis: Mere Christianity: 

If this link doesn't open up for you, try cutting and pasting it into your browser. Also, individually listed are the articles here:

Another excellent and well documented source is the Trinity Foundation's article "Did CS Lewis Go to Heaven?"

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