Tuesday, March 18, 2014

20 Year Old National Guard Private Converts To Islam, Gets Arrested

This is the target group that Islam is looking for; ignorant Americans who think it's cute and edgy to convert to Islam because it seems so rebellious. 

Neither his parents nor his girlfriend knew his plans, he told the informant. His girlfriend would turn him in if she found out. He also expressed a willingness to kill his mother if she tried to stop him.
"I love her," he said, "but she's still a kufar [infidel or non-believer]."
He converted to Islam about two years ago. "I promote Jihad, Not terrorism," he wrote on a personal blog Jan. 8, "and yes there is a difference." But he also read al-Qaida's Inspire magazine and investigated ways to carry out some of the ideas it suggested.
"I despise america and want its down fall but yeah haha. Lol," he wrote last May.
Jihad IS terrorism. It is to make war with the infidels for the sake of Islam and Allah. It is to force either submission or to kill. So the silly American is clueless. 

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