Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Sola Camougflaga: reciting "Sola Scriptura" in order to gain access with false teaching

1. The multifarious recitation of the phrase Sola Scriptura(Latin: “only scripture”) by religious leaders, priests, pastors, ministers, speakers, teachers or professors as a shibboleth[2]for gaining access into and acceptance by the evangelical subculture. This recitation of “Sola Scripture” by the religious elites serves to disarm mainstream evangelicals into believing that all their teachings reside in harmony with and in fidelity to the Protestant Bible when in fact, upon closer scrutiny, they do not (See Galatians 2:4.). 

2. Uttering the Reformation saying (e.g., Sola Scriptura) to camouflage heretical teachings (i.e., human opinions) which in fact, deny, degrade and/or distort biblical truth. Uttering this “catch phrase” by an elite cadre of leaders-teachers becomes a crafty stratagem by which unsuspecting and otherwise naïve listeners and readers will accept anything they say to be biblical when in fact it might not be. 

3. Employing the mantra Sola Scripture in order to get away with hiding, concealing, masking and obfuscating what would otherwise be plain biblical truth.....

~Herescope, Sola Camouflaga

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Exactly what I've been saying!

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