Thursday, March 20, 2014

Condom Giveaway: Is this the "socialization" everyone worries about for homeschooled children?

CHICAGO (CBS) – Mayor Rahm Emanuel defended a plan to make free condoms available at 24 high schools starting next school year, expanding an effort to reduce teen pregnancy and prevent the spread of sexually-transmitted diseases among youths.
“I want everybody to understand that doesn’t mean you’re absolved either as a parent or an adult to talk to an adolescent about responsible behavior, respecting who you’re with, and doing what’s right not what’s convenient,” the mayor said.
Is this the "socialization" everyone worries about for homeschooled children?
How can the mayor undermine the parents and then say the parents aren't absolved of their responsibility? If the government is going to be their nanny, that necessitates the removal of the parent's role and responsibility.
This isn't a shared custody between government and parent.
By the way, this is exactly how Planned Parenthood gets their clients; by pushing sexual promiscuity and use of condoms. That is why they HATE abstinence programs. 
And since when are teens responsible? Responsibility would mean they wait for marriage to have sex.

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