Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Selfie Scriptura: planet Me


1. Like taking a picture of themselves, selfies believe they have received individualized and intimate communication(s) from God as stimulated by and resulting from their pietistic and personal contemplation and/or imagination. To validate that the messages have been received from the divine realm, the selfie links their revelations to scattered Bible references, most often irrelevant, to the messages both received and then transcribed. This linking tactic makes their novel communications more palatable and marketable to other members of the “selfie-needy” pan-evangelical kingdom. 

 2. Along a selfie’s spiritual journey a special visitation of receiving divine words that transport the hearer to higher realms of glory, thus affirming their personal progress towards deification....

~Herescope, Selfie Scriptura

See info on the Linger Conference as an example and the Passion conferences as another example

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