Wednesday, March 05, 2014

Islam Uses Terror to Get Non-Muslims To Submit

Welcome to Islam where non-Muslims (Coptics are not Christians) are, by THREAT dictated to by Muslims to practice their non-Islamic religion with great limitations (that is, they aren’t really allowed to practice their religion). Only cowards would agree with such a terrorist threat.
For the first time in many generations, a dhimma(protection agreement) was signed between the Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIS) – an Islamist branch of Al-Qaida – and leaders of Raqqa’s several thousand Christians. Members of ISIS gave the latter three options: accepting the agreement, converting to Islam, or risking death.
According to the 12 clauses in the accord, the Christians will commit to pay a twice-yearly poll tax of “four gold dinars” – which at today’s rate, comes to about $500 per person – with the exception that members of the middle class will pay half this amount, and the poor will pay a quarter of it, on condition they do not conceal their true financial situation.
The agreement permits the Christians to follow their religious practices, but they are prohibited from building new churches or rebuilding destroyed ones.
Furthermore, the accord states that Christians may not prevent members of their community from embracing Islam if they so desire. They are forbidden from bearing arms, from engaging in commerce involving pork with Muslims, and from acting against Muslim interests – for example, by giving shelter to spies or persons wanted by ISIS. Moreover, if Christians learn of a plot against the Islamic State, they must report it.

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