Monday, March 17, 2014

Obama Makes Carter Look Like Churchill

Russian chess champion and democracy activists Garry Kasparoav says that Obama makes Carter look like Churchill in comparison; trying and failing is better than not even trying.

The problem is that Obama's not interested in human rights. He's interested in his own marxist agenda, so given THAT, he's more of a success than perhaps Kasparov thinks. After all, Obama's promise was to change Amercia. He did that with his statist medical insurance plan, as well as the state taking over key industries, along with controlling the media (yes, journalists are upset at the utter lack of transparency).
Kasparov went on to say he isn't endorsing Carter's foreign policy.

Good thing because I have to ask....

So where has Carter been on the rights of Christians in America when it comes to practicing their religion freely?

Where has Carter been when the New Black Panthers stand with billy clubs intimidating voters at the polling booths?

Where is Carter when it comes to the IRS being sic'ed on  people who have been vocal against Obama and/or having had tramatic health issues (auditors come knocking on their door)?

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