Thursday, March 20, 2014

Giving O'Doul's to 5th Graders: is this the socialization homeschooled kids need?

Perhaps homeschooled children should have socialization like this...

LINDEN, MI -- Fifth-grade students were given non-alcoholic beer in a Linden classroom during a lesson on colonial times, district Superintendent Ed Koledo said.

How many "mistakes" by "responsible" teachers are parents going to tolerate before they wake up to the fact that their brainwashed children are exposed to corruption and irresponsibility like this before it's too late?

If this incident was by a "responsible" teacher, I can only imagine what the actions of the irresponsible ones are like!

News flash: this proves the teacher isn't responsible nor mature. Such teachers are the problem. So are the principles and superintendents that give them excuses.

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