Monday, March 03, 2014

The "Pope" Didn't Say That: the hoax that people think justifies their sin

There is enough damning doctrines in the Roman Catholic Church to not attribute to them what they or their "pope" supposedly said. It's unfair and wrong.

If one wants to use the RCC to show their liberal bent, I suggest they go straight to the horse's mouth instead of sharing fraudulent claims that somehow justifies the person's war against what they think is stringent Christianity.

Here are two sites that show the supposed quotes by the pope that he supposedly made about how all religions are true, homosexuality is fine, etc. are a hoax:

I want it to be CLEAR that Roman Catholicism is NOT biblical Christianity. I've said this numerous times and I prove it by comparing what the Vatican and the popes in their own documents, state, with Scripture.

If a person wants a tolerant Christianity, they must reject the Jesus Christ of Scripture, the triune God of Scripture, and the Scripture itself.

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