Tuesday, March 04, 2014

Liar, Liar: transgender lied to police about being sexually assaulted

"A transgender teenager who said he was beaten and sexually assaulted in a California school bathroom recanted the story, police said Tuesday."
The 15 year old admitted she made up the whole thing.
She's a  liar and should be prosecuted for lying to the police, filing a false statement, and claiming sexual assault.
What audacity to have no fear of authority.
That's not the first time a sodomite lied about being a victim:
In 7-3-12:
(DAILYMAIL) — A lesbian student has been kicked out of college and arrested after it emerged she was behind a string of anti-gay messages slipped under her dorm room door, police said.
After the notes were found in Alexandra Pennell’s room at Central Connecticut State University in March, hundreds came out in support of the student at a campus rally against hate crimes.
But when police hid a camera along the hallway outside her room, they allegedly caught her leaving the notes herself – and she admitted she had written them to get the attention of her roommate.


Nos said...

So gay people are capable of lying just like straight people. Who'd have thought it?

Denise said...

So the claim of being a victim is disingenuous, a lie, fake, made up.

They can't make their case without lying, which shows they have NO case.

It's not only against the law to lie to the police, it's against God's law to bear false witness and to commit the heinous unnatural act of sodomy.