Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Middle School Students Rather Be A Slave Than A Factory Worker: the benefits are FREE!

As CBS, Detroit reported:

"A Detroit-area mother is fuming over an essay question that asked middle school students if they would rather be slaves or factory workers....

The majority of the class felt that they would rather be a slave than to be a factory worker. And she was just extremely confused by that, knowing what slaves went through, she couldn’t understand why anyone would choose that,” James said. “The rationale by those students to choose slaves was that they had free housing, they had free food and they had free protection. But the argument that she and I put forth was that those things were not free.”

End quote.

Well is that a surprise? Welcome to socialism and Common Core Curriculum (the article didn't state it was part of CCC but is has all the earmarks of it).

This is what happens when you raise up GENERATIONS with entitlements. This is exactly What Drs. Walter Willams and Thomas Sowell have been saying for years. 

Ironically, it's the socialist/communist mentality that has the "worker" as much of a slave as the slave.

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