Tuesday, February 18, 2014

America Is Unraveling At A Stunning Speed and Staggering Degree, Says Writer

Deroy Murdock at National Review notes:

"America is unraveling at a stunning speed and to a staggering degree. This decline is breathtaking, and the prognosis is dim.

For starters, Obama now rules by decree. Reportedly for the 27th time, he has changed the rules of Obamacare singlehandedly, with neither congressional approval nor even ceremonial resolutions to limit his actions. Obama needs no such frivolities.

“That’s the good thing about being president,” Obama joked on February 10. “I can do whatever I want.In an especially bitter irony, Obama uttered these despicable words while guiding French president Fran├žois Hollande through Monticello, the home of Thomas Jefferson — a key architect of America’s foundation of limited government."

End quote.

Murdock's closing lines  sums it up well:

"The Land of the Free is governed by an out-of-control egomaniac, neither bolstered by managerial competence nor hindered by the legislature’s institutional prerogatives. In the Home of the Brave, half of Congress cheers Obama’s unconstitutional behavior, while the other half grumbles and then meekly carpet-bombs his path with white flags.

The American people have been betrayed — both by Obama and the Democrats, whose lust for control intensifies daily, and by Republican leaders in Washington, whose cowardice and defeatism have turned their guts and spines into tapioca."

End quote.

It's true. Which is why I rejected the Republican party when they started compromising so much.

However the real downfall isn't merely political or economic. It starts and ends spiritually.

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