Friday, February 07, 2014

"Christian" "Dream Encounters": a book to avoid

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Sola Sisters tells us about a  book that some Christians might have heard about:

Author Barbie Breathitt, described as a "respected teacher of the supernatural manifestations of God," has just released a new book entitled Dream Encounters, in which she claims Christians can have access to a secret dream language that God uses to reveal "hidden knowledge" to believers. In this book Breathitt tells believers they will be enabled to use the "revelation" obtained from God through their dreams in order to unlock their "destinies" and live lives in which they are "productive, responsible, successful, prosperous, loved and fulfilled" (p. 138).1 According to Breathitt, this is done by decoding information that God has "embedded" into our dreams and through which he continues to communicate with us in personal, ongoing revelation. But there are three significant problems with what Breathitt teaches, and I will attempt to develop why these issues are unsupported by Scripture. The three problems are as follows:

~Christine Pack, Sola Sisters

Some it sounds like what I encountered growing up in the Charismatic movement. Living by dreams and visions, we looked for signs everywhere, reading their interpretation so we could obey what God was trying to tell us through them. It's mysticism and demonic. I'm so very thankful for God delivering me out of that darkness!

We, who are truly in Christ Jesus have an obligation to be faithful to Him and His Word and not seek out signs and wonders, since what we see today is deceptive and is not inspired nor infallible; only God's  "more sure" Word is.

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