Monday, February 10, 2014

The Goal Determines The Scope

The goal of the atonement made by Christ Jesus on the cross determines  the scope of the atonement.

If the goal of the atonement and propitiation of Christ Jesus is to finally and completely deal with the sin of the elect of God and thus no one else, since there is a limited number of those whom God had chosen before time began, then its scope is for them alone. Jesus did not atone for the sin of the reprobate, the unelect, and therefore they never come to faith in Christ Jesus.

In other words, it was not God's intent to save all souls, therefore Jesus did not atone for all the sin of all the people. That is why people end up justly in Hell. They refused the sole way of justification by a thrice holy God: the person and work of Jesus Christ.

A limited atonement for a limited number of redeemed. Simple.

There is no hypothetical atonement, no hypothetical salvation, no hypothetical anything when it comes to salvation and the Savior Jesus Christ.


Jesus did not die for those destined to Hell. What would that accomplish? Rather such a thing would malign the efficaciousness of His blood at the cross!

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