Thursday, February 13, 2014

House Rep Alvin Holmes, Black, Makes Racist and Slanderous Remarks Against US Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas

Alvin Holmes- D, Montgomery, AL, made quite racist and slanderous remarks about Justice Clarence Thomas on the House Floor yesterday. Holmes is black. He doesn't like that Thomas, who is black, is married to a white woman.


See this is how a liberal's mind and heart works. Its all emotional and irrational. Having zero to do with anything on the House floor; he just wanted to use it as a bully pit to slam a justice of the US Supreme Court, showing  disrespect, and slandering him because in Holmes' racist wicked mind, Thomas isn't black enough.

How utterly disgusting is that?

It had nothing to do with the topic, but putting that aside, he didn't deal with any issue. It was merely a personal attack, unwarranted, unprovoked. Apparently even a US Supreme Court justice isn't allowed to voice his personal experiences and views, unless he ONLY keeps in line with the liberal "civil rights" agenda.

But this is the same treatment Thomas got when he was put through the wringer before the Senate Judiciary Committee as a US Supreme Court justice nominee some 22 years ago. The liberal black community is shameful and does the very thing they accuse others, particularly white people of doing. They are angry, vindictive, and irrational, not to mention without civility or manners.

Hatred and bitterness run deep and kill.

Here are snapshots I took of of the tweets that National Review posted when they reported what happened:

That's class.

Larry Elder, popular Los Angeles talk radio show host, who is also black, has also been called an "Uncle Tom" as well, again, for similar reasons (not being black enough, etc). It's unreal the racism among liberals, including black liberals. Hypocrisy is astounding there.

The greater worldview with liberals is this: if you do not agree with their worldview of liberalism, then you cannot be a valid scientist (for those who reject the theory and foolishness of evolution) and thus have no business in the scientific field (many get black listed), nor can you be a "valid" black person (and so one is called an "Uncle Tom" - not black enough) and have no credibility.  It's the intolerance and irrationality of liberalism that makes it so ridiculous. What does being married to a white woman and being conservative have to do with one's race (or "rejection" of one's race)? Why can't biblical Christians be scientists? So liberals say this: the standard they judge you...yes JUDGE YOU (while claiming you BETTER NOT judge them or anyone else!) is this: your more conservative worldview invalidates

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