Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dr. Thomas Sowell: Intellectuals and Race (Multiculturalism and Economics)

Dr. Marguerite Parks of University of Wisconsin is quite proud of her multicultural teaching, and now the Common Core cirriculum does it too (it's wrongly called "critical thinking") through the book "The Jacket" where a white  student wrongly accuses a black student of stealing his jacket. She uses this book to teach "white privilege" (always attacking white people--remember that un-PC word, "white guilt"? ).

Dr. Thomas Sowell however talks about multiculturalism's faulty premise. He deals with schools' unwillingness to have Black people speak standard English for example, which can affect one's jobs or careers (or lack of them). Standard academics were once used, not like today with social indoctrination which has nothing to do with academics. He also deals with minimum wage, blacks, and economics.

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