Monday, February 17, 2014

The Reality of Planned Parenthood From A Former Employee

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A nurse who justified herself into a job at Planned Parenthood for two years by thinking that if women were going to have abortions, at least they could go to a place to have "safe" ones. She quickly found out just how wrong that presumption was:

“I must admit I was kind of on the fence about abortion,” Anderson said.  “I think a lot of it came from working at Wishard [Hospital], and seeing girls that had attempted abortion themselves and ended up with hysterectomies, or boyfriends beating them because they were pregnant. My thought was, ‘Well, you need a safe place. People shouldn’t be doing it on their own. And people are going to be doing it anyway, so why not provide them a safe place to do it?’" 
But Anderson quickly abandoned her illusions of safety once she began work at Planned Parenthood.  “I started feeling uneasy working there when people came from national in New York City to teach us the conscious sedation process,” Anderson told the paper.  “It was disgusting. These two ladies had this chant they would do: ‘Abortion all the time!’ I thought, ‘I’ve got to get out of here.’ That was about six to eight months after I started.”
When we had to call 911 for an ambulance, we were told never to say the word ‘abortion’ because they don’t want that broadcast,” said Anderson.  “They knew that the calls were recorded, and could be made public.”

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Anderson tells of various experiences, witnessing a likely sex-slave and her owner coming in, to the abortion doctor treating crying women during the procedure to stop crying, to another doctoring treating the search for aborted baby parts like a hide-and-seek game, to the money-making aspect of abortions.

And according to this two year employee of PP, the center has abortion quotas that must be met monthly or face closure.

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