Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Welcome to Socialized Medicine

A Sonora mechanic is in so much pain that he can barely walk, but he can’t seem to find a doctor to fix his ailing back after he and his wife switched their insurance coverage through Covered California.

Tammy says she finally found an in-network doctor, but the problems don’t end there. We looked him up using the couple’s plan info, and the Blue Cross website shows him as in-network.
But that same doctor’s officer told Tammy he won’t see patients with insurance from Covered California.
It’s like we’re a second-class citizen,” she said. “We can’t get the coverage we need.”

Well, that's because you are. The State doesn't pay out very much, it never has. It can't. That's why those stuck in socialized medicine in Canada and the UK come to the US for the best medical treatment, done right away.
Until ObamaStateCare, that is.
In socialism we are all second class citizens and those who run the State are the elitists.
You won't find Congress complaining though. They don't have to be part of ObamaStateCare.

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