Saturday, February 22, 2014

More Exhortations from Thomas Watson

Christ will not throw away His pearls, for every speck of dirt!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The world is a flattering enemy, it kills by embracing. Whom the world kisses, it betrays.
Is Heaven in your eye, and Christ in your heart, and the world under your feet?

~ ~ ~ ~

God loves a broken heart--not a divided heart.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

'Tis vain to speak of hopes of salvation--and yet have the marks of damnation!
It will be so much the worse to go to Hell, with hopes of Heaven.

  ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

The higher the lark flies--the sweeter the songs.
Did our thoughts dwell above--we would live sweeter lives.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Heaven is a place where sorrow cannot live, and joy cannot die.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Immorality begins with infidelity.

~Thomas Watson

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