Wednesday, February 19, 2014

When Scripture Is Not Enough: there is no moderate attack against Scripture

So Steve Furtick will start to have his show air on The Trinity Broadcasting Network.  He's only the latest to join The Blasphemy Network.

Others who have recently been on TBN multiple times, although as guests, are Dr. Michael Brown and Matt Chandler.

So, Steve Furtick, Michael Brown, and  Chandler all appearing on TBN.

Ever wonder what they have in common?

They are all Charismatics.

Brown and Chandler have been considered by most to be more "tempered" or "moderate" Charismatic. In today's elitist Post-modern vernacular that means, more thoughtful, more nuanced, more balanced.

And then they ended up on the most infamous t.v. station of all time and left their cheerleaders in a dizzying quandry, wondering what happened to their oh-so-balanced and informed leaders.

I'll tell you exactly what happened.

They deny the sole authority of Scripture. To them the Holy Word of God is not enough.

Once you do that, everything and anything is permissible.

Stand by for more "leaders" going to the blasphemous network.

This may be where the various movements merge into one big, happy, spiritually corrupt family.

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