Thursday, February 13, 2014

Extra-constitutional Behavior and Extra-Biblical Behavior: the end is near

This is a very good example of what I mean when I say that I see parallels between what goes on in politics with what goes on in the religious circles:

Here's Rush Limbaugh speaking about Obama and his threat to go over Congress with his pen if that second branch of our government doesn't go along with what he wants to do:

“What if somebody did begin impeachment proceedings? Do you think that would slow Obama down, in this extra-constitutional behavior, or not? Probably not,” he said.~WND 

So where we have extra-constitutional behavior of Obama that gives him unwarranted freedom that goes beyond the limits given to him in the supreme law of the land, giving him sole authority and power to make and break laws without consulting the other two branches of our government as if he's a king, so there is extra-biblical "revelations" of "Charismatics", particularly the leaders  that give unwarranted freedom to do what they want, have unwarranted authority over people, and have elitism over all others. 

Both groups disregard the supreme authority in "their areas" (humanly speaking--after all Scripture is always the supreme authority as it is the very words from God our Creator): one rejects the Constitution, the other the Bible.

It happened back during the impeachment of Clinton. Politicians were arguing over how the Constitution is to be understood as a "living" document that changes with the times (how that's possible, is beyond me), or if its a static document and that we need to understand what the authors meant and stick to that. 

Then there were the religious folks who argued (and increasingly still do) about whether the Bible is an out-dated book that we need to understand through the eyes of our current culture, or if it is to be understood as the Author intended, taken in the historical-grammatical-literal interpretation, realizing that it is still as relevant today as ever.

In both cases, the issue at stake is that of authority: one the law of the land, the other the law of Christianity.

In both cases the liberals don't want an authority that doesn't change with the times. 

In both cases we're on shaky ground when in this Post-Modern era, no one recognizes absolute truth nor do they want the rule of law.

We are becoming a lawless nation. Religion and politics are closing in from two different avenues with the same mindset. Such a disaster is priming us for the very end of history.

Come, Lord Jesus, come!

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