Monday, February 24, 2014

Five Year Olds "Having Sex" In Class Bathroom

(DAILYMAIL) — A kindergarten teacher has been suspended from her job after two of her students were found ‘having sex’ while naked in her classroom’s bathroom.
Kelly Mascio, who has been teaching for more than 15 years in Mullica Township, New Jersey, has been suspended with pay since the incident on September 30.
According to a police report, Mascio found the two five-year-olds – a boy and girl – naked in her in-classroom bathroom. They told her they were ‘having sex.’

FIVE years old. How in the world do they even KNOW the word "sex" much less get naked in the bathroom and claim to being doing it??

This is the sexualizing of our little, vunerable children, clearly at home and then brought into the classroom, and certainly not helped by the school. We know how the government is pushing sexuality on them as well via pushing sodomy and sharing bathrooms depending upon how which gender a child "identifies with". Besides that, we know that many children come into a family that has significantly older children who expose them to absolutely inappropriate topics of discussion as well as music and t.v. shows. I know. My youngest was exposed to that junk in elementary school through a classmate who had a 15  year old sister.

We should as parents and grandparents, be protecting our children, not exposing them to sexuality.

But hey, that just doesn't happen, right? Not in "your" school, right?

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