Monday, February 24, 2014

Preconceptions of Women: what do you do when it's not what women want?

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The front page of a local newspaper in northern California featured the headline “The Promise Denied,” lamenting the under-representation of women in computer engineering. The continuation of this long article on an inside page had the headline, “Who is to blame for this?”

In other words, the fact that reality does not match the preconceptions of the intelligentsia shows that there is something wrong with reality, for which somebody must be blamed. Apparently, their preconceptions cannot be wrong....
Women have their own agendas, and if these agendas do not usually include computer engineering, what is to be done? Draft women into engineering schools to satisfy the preconceptions of our self-anointed saviors? Or will a propaganda campaign be sufficient to satisfy those who think that they should be making other people’s choices for them?
That kind of thinking is how we got Obamacare.
End quote. (emphasis, mine)
~Dr. Thomas Sowell (excerpts)

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