Monday, February 17, 2014

Relying On the Nanny State Is "Part of Growing Up" Obama Says

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"President Obama defended Obamacare and called signing up for the health care program "just part of growing up"." 

~The Weekly Standard

Hundreds of millions of us have had insurance for decades. Were we not "grown up" then? 

Is the sole measure for being an adult is if we give in and sign up for socialized medicine?

And what about the push by the government to demand that the insurance companies keep "grow up" adults on as dependents of their parents until the age of 25-26 years old? How is that being a responsible, independent, "grown up"?

So relying on the state is being mature?


" If you have a young family, you have to make sure that your family's protected with health insurance, as well. This allows you to do it," said Obama." ~The Weekly Standard

I know families with children who have LOST their insurance BECAUSE of ObamaStateCare. He's lying straight up. 

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